About Valeo Foods Group

Making our Mark

Valeo Foods Group is a leading international food business that has built three significant growth platforms; the UK, Europe, and Ireland, each with its own diverse portfolio of leading food brands. Our brands, which include the iconic Rowse honey, Kettle crisps and Jacob’s biscuits, have histories that stretch back over 150 years. This heritage and their strong appeal to consumers is what makes them stand out as category leaders.

Balconi, Rowse Honey and Jacob's Figrolls products

Our brands have histories stretching back over 150 years, including  Jacob's, Rowse & Balconi.

Jacob's Cream Crackers Pack Shot
Bachelors Butter Beans Pack Shot

Our journey so far...

Since we formed in 2010, Valeo Foods has completed 18 targeted acquisitions across the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe, constantly adding to our portfolio of market leading products and brands that includes Rowse honey, Kettle crisps, Jacob’s biscuits and Balconi sponges, cakes and wafers.

Our talented international workforce takes great pride in creating the foods consumers love to eat, and in realising the potential of our iconic category-defining brands. They are also passionate about innovation and our R&D teams have created hundreds of exciting new products, delighting consumers with new takes on their favourite brands.

People in Chef production plant
Rowse Honey Beekeeper in a field

Global reach

Explore our global sales reach and manufacturing and distribution.

  • Global
    • Sales across 106 countries
  • Republic of Ireland
    • Group Head Office
    • Irish Head Office
    • 2 Distribution Centre
    • 4 Manufacturing Facilities
  • United Kingdom
    • UK Grocery Head Office
    • UK Snacking Head Office
    • 12 Manufacturing & Distribution Facilities
  • Italy
    • Italian Head Office
    • 1 Distribution Centre
    • 3 Manufacturing Facilities
  • Czech Republic
    • Czech Republic Head Office
    • 2 Manufacturing Facilities
  • Germany
    • German Head Office
    • 3 Manufacturing Facilities
  • The Netherlands
    • 1 Manufacturing Facility
  • Canada
    • Canadian Head Office
    • 1 Manufacturing Facility

Since our formation, we have developed over 170 new products, adding to our expansive international brand portfolio.