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Candy Plus: Water Conservation Success

Candy Plus: Water Conservation Success

At Candy Plus, our confectionery business in Czech, we have successfully executed several water conservation projects in both our factories, reducing the businesses water intensity by 31% since 2020.

Thanks to the continued drive and focus from the environmental and operations team, water reduction projects and behavioural changes have successfully been integrated into both factories. Some examples of successful water reduction projects are noted below:

Through the installation of a reverse osmosis system on the boiler condensate line, the quality of the condensate returning to the boiler increased significantly. This resulted in a 350% reduction of fresh water top up from poor quality condensate quality.

Another successful initiative was rationalising the cooling systems used for space cooling during the summer months. Upgrading our existing heat pumps to generate chilled water, which was then used to satisfy the air conditioning demand, rather than using mains water. This strategy has allowed us to optimise production planning, focusing on longer runs and further reducing the frequency of water cleaning in both factories.

These efforts have contributed significantly to our commitment to water conservation and sustainable practices.