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Pedro Cup

Pedro Cup

At Candy Plus, Valeo Foods Czech, we have been actively supporting various youth sports activities, including athletics, football, hockey, and floorball, for several years. We take pride in being proud partners to several physical education units located near our production plants.

Our support, both financial and non-financial, is dedicated to promoting sports activities, facilitating teaching and educational programmes, organising seminars, and providing sports equipment to cater to the needs of youth groups.
As part of our collaboration, we have sponsored international football matches for both primary and secondary school students, along with hosting two Pedro Cups for young footballers aged 9 and 13. Additionally, we organised a hockey Pedro Cup for younger pupils and offered support to the traditional Czech Republic athletics competition known as the "Chocolate Slipper."
These sports activities play a crucial role in motivating children, instilling discipline, overcoming obstacles, and fostering respect for rules and others. They also encourage teamwork and promote a healthy lifestyle among children.