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Our People
Valeo Ireland has implemented several programs to support its employees.

Valeo Ireland has implemented several programs to support its employees.

These initiatives demonstrate Valeo Ireland's commitment to nurturing its employees by providing targeted support, facilitating personal and professional growth, and fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Firstly, there is a return-to-work coaching programme that offers assistance to all colleagues who have taken maternity leave. This programme provides support to working mothers during their first six months back at work, with the help of an external coach who guides them through the personal and professional transition. Additionally, Leanin circles have been established to foster and support women in the workplace through peer-to-peer mentoring, boosting confidence, and fostering accountability. This initiative is further supported by a digital community on the workplace platform, providing a space for ongoing engagement and collaboration.
Furthermore, a three-month development programme was conducted during the year, strategically timed to coincide with the peak period. This programme was delivered through teams and featured a digital community on the workplace platform. Its primary focus was to equip colleagues with resilience techniques and prioritisation skills, enabling them to better manage themselves and their teams during the busy period.

Comments from employees - “I have really taken away some great pieces of advice. I think what's stood out most for me is the 90 minutes at the start of my day to work on strategic objectives rather than jumping into emails.”
- “Handy hints to remind you how to get set up for work.”
- “The programme is interactive, and Sinead is engaging & energetic.”