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The Valeo Foods Group is home to 85 category-defining consumer food brands. We are proud to be market leaders in Snacking & Sweet Treats, Health & Wellness, Baking & Meal Ingredients, Beverages and Food Service.

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#1 Honey


#1 Biscuits

Batchelors Beans

#1 Canned Peas/Beans


#1 Gluten Free


#1 Flour

#1 PL Puddings


#1 Hand Cooked Crisps
#2 Sharing Crisps

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Snacking and treats

Dolci del Castello
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Featured Brands

Our 3 featured brands, Rowse Honey, Balconi and Jacob's are some of Europe’s most loved consumer food brands.

Bowl of fruit with Rowse Honey
Bowl of porridge made with Rowse Honey

Rowse Honey

Rowse Honey is the UK’s number one spread, a world leader in honey products and a major provider of pure maple syrups, lemon curd, and luxury dessert chocolate sauces supplying all food channels including foodservice, wholesalers, retailers, pharmacy and manufacturers.

Having developed a range of 300 product lines, Rowse’s sales volume has doubled over the past decade and we now pack 26,000 tonnes of honey per annum.

Rowse Honey is a world leader in honey products and a major provider of pure maple syrups, lemon curd and luxury dessert chocolate sauces.

Rowse Snap and Squeeze
Rowse Pure Honey and Lemon Lozenges

Brand Innovation

Rowse sources honey from around the globe reflecting the unique nature of those countries to offer consumers an array of flavours suitable for all eating occasions. Rowse’s ongoing market research has seen accelerated brand innovation and new product development in recent years, resulting in products and designs including the Snap & Squeeze packaging and the Cold & Flu Remedy range.

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Tasty treats Balconi

Balconi is a producer of market leading sponge based cake products, wafers and biscuits supplying the Italian market, and other major international markets across the world. Balconi produces 260 tonnes, or five million individual snacks each day across 66 product lines.

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Balconi product shots

Balconi's Market Leading Products

Balconi uses only the highest quality ingredients in its products. Its eggs are all fresh and locally sourced, and all output is guaranteed GMO free, with no hydrogenated fats, colourings or added preservatives.

Since its foundations in 1953, Balconi’s philosophy has been to produce snacks, wafers, cakes, rolls and biscuits of handcrafted quality at an affordable price point. This has been achieved by minimising production costs, automating the production process and avoiding waste.

Balconi’s products and internal processes have all obtained the highest international quality and safety certifications guaranteeing peace of mind for its customers.
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Jacob's Elite Chocolate Mallow Cakes
Jacob's Chockies


Jacob’s has the highest consumer penetration of all food brands in Ireland achieving year on year increased market share and sales, across a range of 79 products. Leveraging Jacob’s position as number one biscuit brand in Ireland, the market leader has successfully expanded its range of indulgent treats and healthier snacks in recent years.

Caffè Di Milano, indulgent Italian wafers, and J-Os biscuits have found favour with consumers alongside our iconic biscuit range that includes Jacob’s Fig Rolls, Kimberly, Mikado and Coconut Creams, among many others.

Jacob's product shots

Jacob’s Successful Strategy

Jacob’s successful strategy of targeting a broader market base to include younger consumers, and a fast tracked product innovation pipeline, has resulted in driving new customers to both the category and the brand. Consumers are now buying Jacob’s products more often and buying more when they buy.


Innovating Ireland's No. 1 Brand

Innovations in Jacob’s healthier snacking range have seen the successful launch of Jacob’s Rice Cakes which saw the range become the number one brand in its category within two years of launching. Jacob’s also added its Mediterranean crackers range to complement its flagship Cream Cracker varieties, further increasing the brand's foothold in the under 35s market.

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Jacob's Crispbreads Pack Shot
Jacob's Tuc Crackers Sour Cream and Onion Pack Shot