Our Vision

Food, that’s worth waiting for
Good, that’s worth working for

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At Valeo Foods, we make food that takes care and patience. Our brands have a combined heritage that spans centuries of food production, bringing delight to the tastebuds of people around the world.

But today, our planet is facing fresh challenges.

As a global leader in the food industry, we know we are at the heart of an ecosystem that connects our people, products, producers, partners, and the planet. These challenges will take our care if we are to help solve them. But we cannot just rely on patience or hope. We all must take action. So, we are pursuing a clear plan.

Our sustainability plan has five holistic commitments, the areas where we believe we can make an impact. 

They take the expectations of all our stakeholders into account and maximise our contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Planet: Limit our environmental footprint by reducing our use of carbon, packaging, water, and waste.

Our People: Protect and grow our people by a continuous focus on their health and safety, enhanced training and development, and by cultivating a diverse workplace where everyone has an opportunity to flourish.

Our Producers: Work closely with our supply chain producers around the world to ensure that ingredients and packaging are sustainably sourced.

Our Partners: Give back to the communities where our businesses have a presence and support communities from which we source ingredients.

Our Products: Produce and promote our brands in a responsible and trustworthy way.


There is no quick-fix solution to these challenges. Our promise is to play our part, in every possible way, with ambition, pace and consistency. It will take all our continued, concerted efforts to be sustainable, to be good.

We believe that is worth working for.

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